‘Dumb’ and ‘Disastrous?’

“Dumb” and “Disastrous?” According to Gov. Chris Sununu that’s what raising the state minimum wage would be! (New Hampshire Labor News, Jan. 31, 2020)

Really? Gov. Sununu is wrong.

Studies from the Economic Policy Institute found that a raise to $12 an hour would positively affect 115,000 people in New Hampshire, helping families and growing the economy. A report from the Federal Reserve showed a raise doesn’t cause job loss, rather earnings will grow.

Yet Gov. Sununu appears not to care. In 2019 and 2020, he vetoed legislation that would have set a state minimum wage at $10 an hour and have it raised to $12 an hour in future years.

So, New Hampshire now has the shameful distinction of being the only New England state with a minimum wage well below $10 an hour.

Does Gov. Sununu care at all for New Hampshire citizens? It appears not. Shortly after being inaugurated in January 2017, he took a twenty thousand dollar pay raise. He now earns an annual $132,592.30 but he denies help to those who put him in office.

“Dumb” and “Disastrous?” That’s what it would be to vote Sununu back in for a third term as our Governor.