Climate change needs addressed

Politics has always been a fight for power either by people or political parties. This fight branches into all issues and climate change is no different. From the outright denial, ignoring of dangerous environment disasters, and lack of green energy projects, climate change has gotten stuck in the tight gears of politics. So we need to address this ever growing issue outside of the political system.

The American people are always the one to push for serious policy change. From the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s to the call for stricter gun control today, the people know how to get their message across. We need to do the same with climate change and the best way is to organize through groups like Citizens Climate Lobby. CCL is an non-partisan group that focuses on the push for a carbon fee and dividend based plan to help end climate change.

This plan calls for a fee of roughly ten dollars to be placed on carbon at the source. Then once the money is collected it would be returned equally among all households in America. With the hope of helping people transfer to a green energy fueled economy. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act has already been proposed in the house and has both Republican and Democratic support.

If serious change is to be done to stop the effects of climate change we need to remove the decision from politics. The American people have a strong voice to rally for a cleaner planet. This will be done by helping support groups like Citizens Climate Lobby.