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A climate change solution

By Katharine Gage - Windham | Mar 15, 2020

It was 69 degrees outside today at my school in Manchester, and I have a nordic ski race scheduled for tomorrow. “March” doesn’t generally bring to mind T-shirts, birds, and hot pavement; but now, and in the near future, it will. This is only one of the many effects of human caused climate change, along with dying coral reefs, extreme storms, and refugees from sea level rise. We will see these effects from the carbon pollution already in our atmosphere, but we need to stop polluting now and making it worse. The least-expensive and most beneficial solution for people and our economy is to enact Cash-Back Carbon Pricing legislation. This is said to be the most efficient, effective, and fair solution by 3,500 economists in the Wall Street Journal- the largest ever consensus among economists about anything. At the federal level, Cash-Back Carbon Pricing, now in the House of Representatives as the Energy Innovation Act (HR 763), will reduce US carbon pollution by 40% in twelve years and 90% by 2050, while pushing carbon pricing around the world. In the first 10 years, it will create 2 million jobs and save 300,000 lives in the US alone. Please visit cclusa.org/write to thank Representative Kuster for cosponsoring this bipartisan legislation and ask Senator Shaheen and Senator Hassan to support it when introduced in the Senate. Thank you!


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