We need to come together

The 2020 election will certainly be the most important one of our lives.

It will determine if the Trump transformation of our constitutional republic into an authoritarian dictatorship will continue or not.

If Trump wins in November, we will hear more pronouncements like, “I can do anything I want as president.”

And this, like many other Trump things, will become the new normal.

Is there concern about this becoming a new reality? Yes, John Meacham, Eugene Robinson and others are starting to talk about it.

The 17 patriots who testified in the House impeachment inquiry were alarmed.

Mitt Romney and Doug Jones showed alarm and great political courage for their vote to impeach.

All of us who took oaths to protect this country and Constitution from enemies both domestic and foreign should be very alarmed.

So why weren’t the Republicans in the Senate alarmed?

Their blind obedience to Trump and the violation of their oath of impartiality by not allowing the truth showed abdication of co-equal powers. So much for checks and balances.

What do we do to preserve our Democracy?

Republicans, Independent and Democrats need to come together around the need to preserve this wonderful country as a constitutional republic.

We need to select a candidate who can beat Trump and return this country to the one described in Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testimony.

These attempts to convert the presidency to a form of “Supreme Leader” need to be strongly rejected and we need to reaffirm our allegiance to the constitutional republic that we are. This is the most important issue of this election. All our other problems are not going to be solved in a Trumpian dictatorship.