Nashua has changed

As a native-born Nashuan, a native of 77 years, Iguess I might be permitted to comment on the current political bent in my home state/town.

Nashua and New Hampshire in general, during the early years of my life – which were spent on West Hollis Street (373 to be exact) – was a wonderful small city with all the small-city benefits. i.e. low crime rate, safety for women to walk Main Street even after dark, no gangs, no drugs, no major crimes of any kind and a local population of devoted “NASHUANS.” Whether your name was one of the old town history, Carter, Thurber, Barker, Sadler or an even more recent arrival from the North like Gagnon, Rousseau, Janelle, Guertin, Fortin, Levesque, Nadeau, you were welcome. The pride of Nashua was everywhere to be seen and revered! Nashua was “OUR TOWN.” We loved it. We were Nashua and basked in its sunlight.

Then came the divider. The latter aforementioned were dyed in wool Democrats.

“ONLY THE RICH ARE REPUBLICANS!” Remember those words folks?

What happened? The New Hampshire dream became too difficult to resist and the Massachusetts hordes began to storm North to live the life of less costs, more freedom and no traffic. Sanders, Nashua Corp. and others contributed to the influx and thus (THE MASS. INFLUENCE HYPNOTIZES THE CITIES OF NASHUA, MERRIMACK, MANCHESTER, BEDFORD, ETC.)

My city of birth of 77 years ago; my state of birth of 77 years ago have now fallen to the thinking of the Left (the hordes from Mass.) and lean toward voting for the Communist Sanders who Honeymooned in Moscow) or with the most of all corrupt ever “Biden” who’s kid was kicked out of the military for drug abuse. WAKE UP NASHUA.


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