Letters to the Editor

Bennet has vision

New Hampshire voters will be going to the polls on Tuesday to begin the process of electing their party’s nominee for president. With many qualified candidates seeking our vote, it can be hard to decide.

As I listened to each candidate when they came to New Hampshire, I realized I would need a list of criteria on which to measure their suitability for the job. For me, I wanted someone old enough to have experienced the ups and downs of life but not so old as to not be able to go the distance of four to eight years. I wanted a thinker and listener who knew that he/she was only as good as the people around them giving expert advice. Government experience was a necessary qualification since the next president has to hit the ground running and can’t be in OTJ-training mode. He/she must be able to team-build and consensus-build for these skills are critical to getting things done. It’s not like owning your own business with total control to hire or fire. Lastly, I wanted someone with a temperament that could unite our country, regain our international respect and inspire all Americans to get more involved in supporting our democracy.

For me, that person is U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo. Elected from a purple state to the Senate in two tough election years, 2010 and 2016, he also has operational experience as superintendent of the Denver School System with 95,000 students. His positions on all issues are a balance of what needs to be done and what can get done. He has a vision for where America needs to go, but is pragmatic and realistic in his approach to getting us there.

Sen. Bennet is a critical thinker with the bearing and humility we see in great leaders. He is well-respected by his peers. Please consider giving him your vote on Feb. 11.

Sherry Dutzy


Vote for Biden

I want to encourage New Hampshire Democrats to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden for president of the United States.

I have known Joe Biden since 1972 when I campaigned for him in his first election to the United States Senate. In that first campaign, I (a young widow with two small boys) pushed my boys in a double stroller across many miles of Delaware to drop his literature and knock on doors to help him be elected.

My enthusiasm as a Biden activist has grown through the years as he has grown in stature and purpose with each passing year in spite of much personal tragedy.

Not only am I campaigning for him to get my party’s nomination for president of the United States, I intend to actively throw my 78-year-old self into Joe’s fight to beat Trump.

I want Joe Biden to be president not just for my two boys, now 49 and 48, but for my lovely daughters-in-law and my four grandchildren. Indeed, I think our best hope for a future for my family, all of the families in our great country as well as across the globe is to elect Joe Biden to be president of the United States. He has the knowledge and ability we need to solve our domestic issues and our foreign policy issues.

Again, I urge the people of New Hampshire to vote for Joe Biden on primary day.

Anne T. Fitzgerald


Results of impeachment vote are in

Well, the official results are in from our entire congressional delegation representing the citizens of New Hampshire. Last December, just before Christmas, both liberal Democrats Chris Pappas and Anne Kuster, our U.S. Congressmen, in lockstep with the Democrat Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

Last Wednesday, Feb. 5, both liberal Democrats Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassen, our U.S. Senators, in lockstep with the Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, voted to convict President Trump of “Obstruction of Congress” and “Abuse of Power.”

It was made clear in the days of testimony given in the U.S. Senate trial that the two charges of Impeachment brought by the U.S. House of Representatives to the U.S. Senate were not impeachable offenses per the actual wording in the U.S. Constitution. Any president of the United States must at a minimum, commit “treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors.”

On Feb. 5, the majority of the U.S. Senate voted to acquit President Trump of these two unconstitutional charges of impeachment, thus exonerating him of all wrongdoing. Next Nov. 3rd, the voters of New Hampshire who believe in the rule of law, will finally have an opportunity to vote for two congressional candidates and a senate candidate who support President Trump.

Roy K Dennehy


Vote for Gabbard

Granite Staters, I am a retiree who lives in a state hundreds of miles from yours. But like many of you, I have lived through the wars, the lies, the corruption and the gridlock. The political divide is worse now than I’ve ever seen it, a sad and dangerous thing for our country.

That’s why I am supporting the one candidate who is non-partisan, hears all sides, a military veteran who knows the cost of war, and desires peace, and someone of the highest integrity, valor and honor – Major and U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

Some say, “I like her, but she can’t win.” That is the furthest thing from the truth. Because the truth is, she has never lost an election, whether for her city council, her state house, or for Congress, where she started at 3%, against the popular mayor of her state’s largest city, and yet she won easily, and has won four terms. She’s a proven winner. She has what it takes. And she can win this time, too. Because polls don’t vote, people do. And your vote will affect me and my family just as much as it affects you and yours. So, I am asking you, as one American to another, please vote for the only candidate who can heal the partisan divide tearing at our country, and the one who is authentically qualified to be commander-in-chief. Please choose Tulsi Gabbard to be the 46th, and first woman, president of the United States of America. She will never let us down.

Ed Billeaud

Arnaudville, Louisiana

Biden comes out on top

Would you answer your front door if you saw two old men, combined age of 170 years, walking up your path? If you did, you’d hear,” We’re just a couple of old guys from Hollis. We’re campaigning for Joe Biden for president.”

For several Saturdays, we’ve been knocking on doors in the Nashua area for just that reason. As we’ve talked with people, we’ve asked, “Would you give us a few moments to tell you why we’re voting for Joe? We ask you to consider four simple questions.

1.Who has the best chance of beating Trump?

2.Who can best begin healing our nation’s political wounds?

3.Who can best begin healing our country’s international wounds?

4.Who can gather the best people around him to help govern our nation?”

For us, Joe Biden comes out on top on each of these questions.

We urge all New Hampshire voters to consider these four questions as you cast your vote in the Feb. 11 primary.

David Gilmour

John Sias


Back in the day

A lot has happened since 1999 in Washington. Back then, the Republican House Impeachment Managers, including their young star, Lindsay Graham, determined that perjury to cover up a sex act rose to the level of impeachment. Nowadays, it’s only a little white lie and not impeachable to cover up an attempt to, what some may argue is treason, involve a foreign government in our elections.

Noel Friedman


We can’t go four more years

Close your eyes and picture this!

A picture of a smiling President Donald Trump, with the following words above his picture:

“You think the guy who was forced to pay (a fine of) $25,000,000 for running a fake university and (a fine of) $2,000,000 for running a fraudulent charity for American veterans really wanted to root out corruption in Ukraine?”

… And with the following words below the picture: “I love the uneducated.” Unattributed.

Republican Congresspersons and Senators will have to answer to the public for the obvious incongruities in their unpatriotic arguments for NOT upholding their oaths of office and the U.S. Constitution. Their recent failure to both impeach and remove from office this most lawless and destructive president America has ever had, will leave a stain on our country with the damage and the loss of treasured core American values of fairness, justice, shared community and equality that President Donald Trump has wrought. How could our country possibly survive four more years of this president?

Herb Moyer


An growing list of enemies

In his Impeachment closing remarks, U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff said (paraphrased) “…Republican jurors know Trump is guilty, but are afraid to vote to remove from office fearing their heads would be put on a pike. …” Many Republicans were “insulted” that they would be so fearful of Trump.

I had never heard this phrase before, so I Googled it. Apparently during ancient Roman times, a leader would cut off the heads of enemies then stick them on pikes (long spikes). When the emperor/leader was giving a speech, heads on pikes were displayed in front of speech-giver. To the audience, the message was clearly: Cross me and I will have your head on a pike.

True to form, “Emperor” Trump has U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney’s head symbolically on a pike. Along with James Comey, John Bolton and others. It has been reported “Emperor” Trump has an ever-growing enemies list. I bet he’ll need lots of “pikes.”

By the way, many of Trump’s GOP cult are calling for Romney to be “banished from the Republican Party!” Banished? Shunned? Scorned?

Nancy Heath


What’s at stake is our republic

On Tuesday Feb. 11, I’ll be voting for Joe Biden.

Former VP Biden has many decades of relevant experience — legislative and executive — necessary to address the crises in domestic and foreign affairs that Trump’s maladministration, incompetence and bottomless ignorance and greed have caused. Our candidate must understand the federal executive and Congress, and domestic and foreign policy, to right our course. This is no time for on-the-job training. When an arsonist has set your house ablaze, you call the firefighters first; you don’t bring in the home renovation crew till after the fire is out.

It’s clear that Donald Trump is not only an unfit, lazy (24% of 2019 spent golfing), cruel (caged children), corrupt (self-dealing cheater), bigoted (“Nazis are good people, too”), bullying (childish name calling) demagogue, but he is actively trying to destroy the republic, enabled by the complicit GOP Senate. If (forever-impeached) Donald Trump were to be re-elected, his authoritarianism would be fully unleashed. Remember, Trump claims, “I have the right to do whatever I want as president.”

What’s at stake is our republic. Didn’t the founders fight a war against Britain to free us from King George III? “In America the Law is king,” said Tom Paine. But Benjamin Franklin warned that we had a republic only “if you can keep it.”

Biden’s broad appeal and obvious qualifications terrify Trump and point the way forward to keep our republic. Please join me in voting for former VP Joe Biden.

Susan Mayer


Biden knows how to unite

I have met Joe Biden a number of times, first when he was a United States Senator, then as a Vice President, and now as a candidate for President of the United States. Each time, he has been the same person — kind, optimistic and caring. He is interested in everyone, regardless of their politics, and he listens to their concerns. That has always impressed me. He knows how to unite people and respects them.

Joe Biden is from the middle class and has never stopped working for us. For example, Vice President Biden was there every step of the way through the creation and passage of the Affordable Care Act, which has helped so many people get or keep insurance.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the middle class and a vote for decency. I hope you will join me and vote for Biden on Tuesday, February 11, Primary Day.

Mary Holt

Who will you vote for?

As I hear the ads for candidates, I go to my history and constitutions. As Bernie Sanders promises so much and yet as a senator never produced bills that could stop the tax deductions he claims abused poor people, what about his abuse when he was a new resident of Vermont?

Then, I know it takes the House and Senate to introduce bills that will give or take away benefits, how come Biden’s son could get a $50,000-a-month job for a foreign company, with no experience? Not according to Tom Brokaw’s interview. More importantly, each candidate seems to be promising to take from taxpayers to benefit someone, yet it’s completely against the Constitution. Perfect for Mr. Yang, who promises to take tax dollars to give everyone $1,000, obviously doesn’t understand government only gets money by taking away from some who earn it. Or, why hasn’t Elizabeth Warren paid back the Indian Nation the money she took illegally from their scholarship? Hardly any seem to have read the job description of what an elected official may do under our Constitution.

As Alexis de Tourqueville said, he feared for the Republic once the masses realized they could vote the largess of government unto themselves.

Then, we have worthless interviews and debates where no one asks, why as a senator or person in government didn’t you fix the tax code, or why do you think you can do it as president if you couldn’t do it while serving?

So, who will I vote for, only the one promising to obey their job as defined in the Constitution and what they take an oath to do?

Harriet E. Cady


We can reverse the damage

I grew up on U.S. military bases in Europe in the 1950s and 1960s. I remember how proud we all were of our country’s relationships with the Europeans, and how America was respected and called the leader of the free world. I was a witness to a lot of history throughout that rebuilding era. When it was my turn, I also wore our nation’s uniform and served our country. I am a proud veteran.

While every leader makes mistakes, I never thought the president of the United States of America would deliberately degrade us, humiliate us and weaken us while he hangs out with thugs and attacks our friends and allies. Sadly, Donald Trump has done all that and much worse threatening our national security. But we can reverse the damage by electing Joe Biden as our next president. Joe brings proven leadership, immediate worldwide respect, and the experience to get us back on the right track, so he will have this veteran’s vote on Feb. 11.

Gene Porter


Let the babies live

Just wondering! Last weekend, foolishly went outside to collect my garbage containers without a shirt on my back.

Additionally, only wore slippers on my feet and as a result came down with the typical winter ailment. On Friday, (trash pickup was Thursday) I decided that I did not choose to have this (cold, flu, cough ailment), so I opted to exercise my choice as a man and get rid of my current dilemma at the local hospital!

The hospital, although understanding, advised me that my current situation, sad as it may be, was actually self inflicted, and I should have indeed considered the consequences earlier. Additional contemplation lead me to agree with their synopsis.

My “CHOICE” option had indeed ceased after my decision to expose myself unprotected from the elements. Same is true of any woman who seeks to abort a tiny living human being using the excuse “CHOICE.”

Much as I may have had the opportunity of choice girl, so did you. When I wandered outside my domicile improperly clothed for the weather, I gave up so-called “CHOICE.” Likewise, when you opted to engage in unprotected sexual intercourse you gave up your opportunity of choice. To allow the death of an innocent nearly born little person is without doubt not only tragic and passing off responsibility, but worse, sinful!

As unpopular as the term “chastity” may be today, it surely would have been a problem solver in so many millions of tragedies would it not?

Please, I beg of you, “LET THE BABIES LIVE”! One of them may save humanity!

Lou Ouellette

Madawaska, Maine


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