Humor in darkness

When it comes to bizarre behavior, we humans are very creative about defining “messed up.”

As a former well-seasoned volunteer 911 first responder, I often thought I’d seen it all, but then about once monthly, I’d have to say, “obviously not yet!”

And I did this for 35 years as an eye-witness to a parade of human carnage. In these extremely painful scenes, I’d always seek dark, often absurd, humor, for such humor was good medicine to prevent spiritual burn-out.

Retired now, I don’t drool too badly from the corner of my mouth. Please, please, please support my self-delusion, for otherwise I will think that I am cracked.

Although I’ve seen much of the dark side, I still see great beauty in humanity. And, it’s very pretty that I’m still thriving at age 78. But don’t get me started on that dark joke.