Thank you, Nashua

All good things must come to end, so they say. So my term on the (Nashua School District) Board of Education has ended. As the last public meeting was closed down before member comments could be made, I am writing this letter to say my goodbyes.

I want to thank the voters of the city who twice put their confidence in me by electing me to the Board of Education. While the last two years have been very troublesome, the majority of my time on the board has been very rewarding. I have had the great opportunity to work with two very professional superintendents (Mr. Conrad and the interim superintendent Dr. Brown) and a great bunch of central office personnel. Tara, Rosie, Carmen, Gabbie, Lauren, Jackie and Amanda are a great team, and I can not say enough about the excellent work they do. My thanks also to Dan Donovan, Dana O’Gara and Stacey Hynes. I was very confident in Mr. Donovan’s ability to manage the finances of the district and Ms. Hynes helped produced my ETV program “Policy Matters” to inform the district of policies to be edited at the next policy meeting.

Also, it was a wonderful opportunity to work with two excellent BOE presidents, Robert Hallowell and George Farrington. Their leadership was top-notch and kept the board focused on the important business of the district. I was lucky to learn under their tutelage.

But the greatest satisfaction came with tutoring children at Amherst and Dr. Crisp Elementary schools. Reading is fundamental, and it was such pleasure to help them along with their reading skills. I can understand how rewarding it is for teachers to see a child improve their reading and math shills. I truly thank them for all they do for the students in our district.

Once again, thank you Nashua for the opportunity to serve the city in this way.