What IS the Republican’s plan?

The Telegraph’s Thursday, Dec. 19 editorial railed against “Obamacare” (formal name: the Affordable Care Act, or ACA). In The Telegraph’s eyes, and that of most Republicans, it’s a BAD thing and the courts are right to strike it down as a law. Republican claims are that it’s illegal, costs too much, is unfair, yada, yada, yada. Republicans have spent years in federal courts fighting against this law, and the day that it finally gets done away with will, in the Republicans’ minds, be a great day for America!

We ask: What IS the Republican health care plan? The short answer is: They don’t have one. They don’t care about health care for Americans, or, at least, they don’t care about providing health care for those who need it most. If you are rich and can afford it, you can buy it. If you’re struggling to pay your bills in the first place, and can’t afford your prescription drugs, the Republicans don’t care about you.

Make no mistake. Every Democrat wants to see that every American who wants it can have access to affordable health care. The devil is in their details, but their first priority is to ensure Americans have health care. The Republican plan is …… (They HAVE no plan, they don’t care!) Don’t be fooled by Republicans efforts to undo the ACA. Their efforts will only stymie your ability to pay for health insurance and prescription drugs.

We should all be working to fix and improve the ACA, not tear it down without any replacement. Please keep that in mind as you decide which party is FOR health care.