House was absolutely correct

There are times I must agree with the Democrats. We must impeach or even indict those who force foreign powers to buckle to wishes in order to receive foreign aid.

We must also rail against those who hold Congress in contempt, easy as that is to do and easier still to justify.

It might be nice to note that the President is innocent of one of those charges and guilty of the other.

Yes, he asked for a “favor.” He asked the Ukraine president to investigate a corrupt company. Sounds like trying to drain the swamp, as he promised. But, and it’s a big but, he released the funds without that investigation and without a promise to investigate and without any further discussion about an investigation.

On the other hand, he has shown a lot of contempt for Congress. So do many others. I think murderers may have an approval rating at the same level as Congress. Here in New Hampshire, our so-called representatives followed the party line, as expected and despite the baloney comment that more thought was required before the vote. Fortunately for all of us, holding Congress in contempt is neither unusual nor illegal.

On the other hand, the previous administration held up foreign aid to Ukraine that was sorely needed to protect the country from Russian incursion. The given reason was an insistence that Ukraine fire an investigator who was looking into the same corrupt company, which had just “coincidently” hired the vice president’s son as a board member at an outrageous price. No matter that the son had no knowledge of the company or the industry.

But despite all that, the House was absolutely correct. When can we expect indictments of the former president and vice president for committing this obviously impeachable offense?