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A feeble defense

By Michael Frandzel - Portsmouth | Nov 17, 2019

The Republican defense of Donald Trump was “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!”

They demand the whistle blower testify, because he might be a “never-Trumper” and he “heard it second-hand.” So what! Everything he said has been corroborated by no less a personage than Mick Mulvaney, White House chief of staff. Every other witness has also corroborated the accusations.

They demand to hear from people who were in on the phone call, otherwise it’s “just hearsay” – oh, wait, the White House won’t let any of them testify.

Their amazing claim that it wasn’t a quid pro-quo because the military aid was released even though Zelenskyy didn’t announce an investigation of the Bidens, so there was “no quo.” In fact, the military aid was only released after the whole sorry story was made public by the whistle blower and State Department lawyers who determined that holding up the aid was illegal.

And the grand prize for obvious lies: Trump only wanted to make sure that Zelenskyy was the real deal as an anti-corruption reformer. This is their defense of the president with the largest number of staffers who have ever been indicted and sent to prison in the history of the country?

Such a feeble defense leads to one conclusion: GUILTY.


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