Questions someone should ask

Of Sen. Bernie Sanders: How many luxury properties can a socialist own and still be a socialist?

Of Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Why did you lie about your heritage? And, have you reimbursed those who gave you things because they believed your lie?

Of all members of Congress that are pushing “Medicare for All:” Does that include you and all other members of Congress? Are you giving up your current congressional health plan?

Of all members of Congress pushing for term limits (Supreme Court): Shouldn’t term limits include Congress?

Of all who are pushing for college tuition relief: Does that mean you will stiff the lenders? Or will you pay off the loans? And if you payoff outstanding student loans, will you reimburse those who honored their obligations and repaid their loans? And if you reimburse for loans already repaid, how far back are you going to go?

Of Joe Biden: If you can cure cancer. Why do you have to be President to do so? And if you can cure cancer, you can be anything you want to be.

Of Kamala Harris: Ever heard of Ed Buck?

Of the New Hampshire congressional delegation: You OK with eliminating the Electoral College? Haven’t heard a peep from any of you. Speak up.

Of AOC, et al: Can you recite the pledge of allegiance ?