I know many of you shared my horror when we viewed the video of a young girl being assaulted at my neighborhood school, Fairgrounds. Nashua Telegraph, it wasn’t a “clash”, it was a mugging.

I became even more horrified when I read The Telegraph article (Nashua Officials Investigating Student Clash Caught on Video) and found out this wasn’t the first time this child was attacked. It gets worse; according to The Telegraph article, the school’s response to the repeated violence was to say that there is nothing they can do, and that the victim should consider leaving the school!

Somebody should be leaving the school, and that should be the muggers, not the victim! Inconvenience the lives of the wrong-doers, not the victim. Does school administration understand the message this sends? Believe me, the children are receiving that message. When fear rules, learning cannot take place.

In our new and improved “woke” school system, the school’s emphasis has turned from creating a safe and effective learning environment to coddling perpetrators. They care more about empathy than order, and it is the rest of the good children in the class that suffer for it.

Creating a safe environment for learning is job-one of our school system. It starts with our Board of Education and our Board of Alderman is your second line of your child’s defense. Let’s make sure that we elect adults who put our children’s safety first.