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Show me the money

By Wilfred Landry | Sep 29, 2019

During all the Democratic debates, no one talked about the national debt.

It is currently at $22 billion. Interest paid on this debt annually is becoming a major line item in our annual cost. No one seems to care.

All the candidates talk about is who can give more free stuff to more people as if this will get them the most votes possible. No one talks about the numbers.

As a past engineer, I like data; I like numbers. I want a candidate that shows the numbers. I want to see where the money comes into the government and where the money goes out of the government.

If a candidate wants to give free stuff to the public, show me the reduction in other government expenditures to cover this new outflow. The interest paid annually on the national debt is one of the government cash outflows.

How can the national debt continue to grow if the interest on that debt becomes such a large factor in annual cost?

No one seems to care. We need to reduce the annual debt. Show me the money.


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