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O’Rourke is a bold leader for the ‘20s

By Colin Mason | Sep 29, 2019

Our nation is facing profound challenges. Whether the issue is health care, immigration, climate change, foreign election interference or gun violence, the common thread is the demand for courageous leadership. We need bold, new leaders unafraid to confront these problems head on. At the Democratic debate in Houston, we saw Beto O’Rourke exhibit this fearless leadership.

Beto is standing up to the NRA’s corruptive influence and political naysayers who advise candidates to play it safe and moderate their positions. Beto stands up for his beliefs and refuses to back down. In response to a question about whether he would institute mandatory buy backs of military-style weapons, Beto had the moment of the debate, responding: “Hell, yes.” Political consultants may have squirmed at Beto’s answer, but I stood up and applauded, and I think everyday Americans appreciated his candor and courage. I know my teenage daughter certainly did.

By taking this stand, Beto showed America that he embodies the courage the times require, speaking directly to the urgency that so many of us feel. I won’t wait for gun violence to find us here in New Hampshire, and I won’t accept the idea that we must only take half-steps when so much more is needed to address this crisis. Beto is showing us what is possible when we are not afraid to confront our challenges. He is a bold leader for the ’20s, the right leader to defeat Trump and move America forward.


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