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‘Fake news’

By Timothy C. Tiches | Sep 29, 2019

As Ronald Reagan said, “There you go again.”

The Telegraph, like so many stooges of the New York Times and the radical left, jumped to conclusions without presenting facts to back them up.

In fact, they – like the rest of the “blame-stream media” – used their own concocted “facts” to try to convince, but it’s backfiring.

It’s the typical “fake news” approach toward anything pro-Trump. The Telegraph convicted Trump of his conversation with the Ukraine president before considering his side of the story and got burned again. And rightly so.

It’s not journalism when any media doesn’t thoroughly check before reporting. They become irrelevant when they are caught doing that over and over.

The Telegraph is becoming no more than another scandalmonger and losing the microscopic credibility it had when it was more nonpartisan.

The number of subscribers will continue to decrease as you continue to blindly publish “trash” rather than the news. Get smart and make a break before it’s too late to survive.


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