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An open letter to the president and his fellow Democratic candidates

By Stuart-Sinclair Weeks | Sep 29, 2019

“… Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the Spirit of Party. …” – Farewell Address of our first president, George Washington, the “Father of Our Nation” Sept. 19, 1796

“A house divided against itself can not stand.” Abraham Lincoln, House Divided Speech

Indeed, are we not ALL in it together, this beleaguered ship of state, citizens of our aspiring United/Disunited States?

E Pluribus Unun.

I address you Donald John, as our leading servant, public servant.

This open letter is addressed to you, Mr. President, and to those fellow servants, public servants, who would remember who they are: servants of We the People. Indeed, how else did “The Father of Our Nation” and first president, Washington… how else did “Father Abraham” Lincoln himself, the “Great Emancipator,” sign their letters than with the words: “Your Humble Servant”?

I trust, friends, that you recall.

This letter is an appeal on behalf of We the People, the 4th, and critical, check and balance in our “participatory democracy.” May fellow citizens with ears to hear the opening warning – a house divided – of Washington and Lincoln convey their spirit to those candidates, and their loyal partisans, who have yet to take such “testaments” to heart. Lest they find themselves party to the ongoing problem – divide and conquer – as opposed to part of the long-awaited solution.

May this open letter contribute toward We the People renewing our resolve to work, together, to create a future worth envisioning for our children, grandchildren, and for the generations to come: All Our Relations.

Toward that end, this letter includes an invitation to you, one and all, to join fellow citizens, we anticipate, from every nation on earth and every state in our nation at the historic December 1-8 2019 Inauguration of “The Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival” , in this the 75th year of the Bretton Woods Accords.

The purpose of the Inauguration is to lift the Spirits and fortunes of our nation, and global community, to strike that elusive balance between the bottom and Top-Lines, principal and principles.

The Inauguration will be borne over the “bridge” of the Thanksgiving-tide into the Advent Season, leading toward Hanukkah, Christmas and the Winter Solstice, the darkest nights of the year… and on toward the Day of the Return of the Light from Above.

Amidst the legion of issues, “the issues” that swarm the air, distracting and dividing our nation, a heartfelt welcome, Donald John, candidates, public servants, a heartfelt welcome fellow citizens to join us in addressing the deeper, underlying ISSUE that would unite US: the People, We.

Out of Many, One.


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