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That is not unreasonable

By Alyssa Ehl - Chairman, Hooksett Republican Committee | Sep 8, 2019

Did you know that our Democrat majority in the New Hampshire Statehouse and Senate recently proposed and passed a state income tax bill? Fortunately, our Republican governor vetoed it. This is a big deal and we deserved to have a say and not have it “sneaked in” and learned about after the fact!

New Hampshire has a proud history of NO INCOME TAX and NO SALES TAX, which gives us a significant advantage over many other states. That advantage was almost destroyed by our Democratic politicians and media without many residents even realizing it. These same Democrat leaders continue trying to promote all kinds of socialist policies. This has to stop. We just want to live in peace and safety in our quiet little towns and have money in our pockets to spend how we want and NOT on what our government thinks we need to. That is not unreasonable.

At the federal level, Republicans in Congress and President Donald Trump were able to implement tax cuts which included lowering business taxes from 35% (one of the highest rates around the world) to 21% to allow the U.S. to be more competitive – a big change that helped bring businesses and jobs back to our country. Middle class families got back $2,000-$4,000 in their paychecks from the tax cuts. We need more of this kind of thinking and problem solving. We welcome you to work with us on reining in the runaway government at all levels. Please contact us at hooksettrepublicancommittee@gmail.com.


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