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Sununu is right

By Hon. Bob Clegg - Hudson | Sep 8, 2019

Gov. Chris Sununu is correct, “… fiscally responsible and sustainable rate increases” are needed. An across the board increase of 3.1% for all providers will not address the very serious problems we are facing in our health care system. Rate increases should be targeted to address access to care issues our citizens are experiencing, to bring New Hampshire into compliance with rate setting, parity and access to care mandates.

New Hampshire’s providers vary drastically, ranging from $1.74 to thousands of dollars. Comparatively, this math does not work for the providers reimbursed on the lower end of this scale, while it is beneficial or excessive to the most costly providers. There is great disparity in the history of the provider rates, some adjusted rarely or never, others annually or more frequently.

New Hampshire DHHS adjusts hospital rates annually, the rates are increased or decreased through the DRG methodology. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services publishes the rates and New Hampshire DHHS adopts the rates annually. Factors considered in the development of the rate, include application of a wage index.

Sununu and Commissioner Meyers have given consideration to the across-the-board increase and identified serious flaws with this method. I would ask legislators to consider the downsides to this one-size-fits-all policy. One size never fits all, and we can do better. The provider funding should be targeted to ensure the funding serves the citizens of New Hampshire and provides access to care in a fiscally responsible manner.


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