Keep laws safeguarding elections

Newly elected Democratic state Sen. Melanie Levesque wants to repeal New Hampshire’s clean election laws.

Levesque recently criticized a constituent who expressed common-sense concerns about out-of-state persons voting here. The constituent pointed out they should instead be voting by absentee ballots from their home states.

Levesque responded by avoiding the central issue involved, instead mentioning something about the 26nd Amendment (which lowered the voting age to 18). The amendment says nothing and has nothing to do with allowing people to vote anywhere they choose.

This is exactly the kind of misdirection people are fed up with from elected officials. Our secretary of state has said there has been a drive-by voting problem here for some time. Democrat lawmakers don’t like requiring people passing through New Hampshire to obtain an absentee ballot (so that they vote in their own state) and claim it is unfair to ask those who do vote in New Hampshire to register their vehicles here.

Levesque also opposes the New Hampshire law requiring voters to show identification at the polls and opposes our law that checks with other states to ensure people are not voting in more than one state. Thirty-eight states participate in this program.

Residency as a condition of voting has been declared constitutional by the New Hampshire state Supreme Court. In 2018, New Hampshire joined 49 other states requiring residency to vote. It was a colossal mistake to turn control of the New Hampshire Legislature over to the Democrats.

Voters should remember in 2020!