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It can’t be Corey

By Brandon A. Latham - Merrimack | Sep 8, 2019

Corey Lewandowski, deemed too corrupt and aggressive for the Trump campaign, is reportedly considering getting back into politics by running for office out of New Hampshire. Here is a list of things he has done in his life.

He attacked and choked a protester.

He was charged with battery after grabbing a reporter.

He failed as a consultant because he broke lobbying ethics standards.

He made fun of a 10 year old with Down syndrome on TV.

He was reported for sexual harassment.

He suggested all people of Middle-Eastern descent, specifically the Sununus, sympathize with terrorists.

He tried to bring a loaded gun to Massachusetts state representative offices.

The only time he has run for elected office was for Windham treasurer; he got less than 30% of the vote. Windham voters were right to dismiss him.


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