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Selling Eastside Field is asset

By Fred and Nicole Fraser - Nashua | Sep 1, 2019

We deeply appreciate that the mayor and the board of aldermen are devoted to making Nashua a better place to live. It came as sad news, however, to hear their plan of selling Eastside Field at the corner of Bridge Street and Sanders Road. We live with our children off Bridge Street, two blocks away from this lovely green space. For those of us who live in the bustle of downtown, this field is an excellent recreational place to fly model airplanes or kites, walk pets or play baseball or football. In this area, one may view the Nashua river flowing into the Merrimack. Even the bees that pollinate our urban garden love Eastside Field. We would appreciate it if the city in its planning would regard Nashua’s natural environments as assets that are worth keeping. Selling this green space puts it in the hands of a corporation whose interests are financial and private. As a gentle reminder, we would like to add that North Nashua enjoys Greeley Park and North Common, South Nashua benefits from Rivier’s campus and the Nashua Country Club, West of Main Street is Mine Falls park and in East Nashua lies our wonderful Eastside Field.


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