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Our lungs are burning

By Megan Pardoe - Nashua | Sep 1, 2019

Over the past two weeks, fires have raged in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. These fires were caused by extreme deforestation and land clearing by ranchers and farmers. The fires are dangerous to the whole planet as the Amazon rainforest processes up to 20% of the world’s oxygen.

If we continue to let these fires burn, the rainforest will lose the lives of animals and plants. Many species already have suffered from these fires. But these are just the dangerous short-term effects of the fires. The long-term effects are far more devastating.

The most deadly long-term effect would be the changing of the process the Amazon rainforest helps to prevent climate change. Currently, the rainforest removes deadly carbon from our air, but if these fires last, the rainforest could begin to emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and fuel climate change.

The world needs to take serious action against the burning of the Amazon rainforest. We have to work together to preserve our planet and halt climate change.


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