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By George Tebbetts - Nashua | Sep 1, 2019

Referring to the Our Opinion piece in the Thursday edition, Aug. 22, regarding President Donald Trump’s campaign visit to Manchester, I am more baffled at the logic expressed regarding the president’s effort to energize his constituency. Particularly, the thought that his strategy was overly concerned with the four Electoral College votes offered by New Hampshire.

Let’s not forget the debacle in the 2016 New Hampshire primary where 24 pledged delegates were to support the winner, Bernie Sanders, only to witness the veritable unknown appearance of eight DNC operatives siding as Super Delegates for Hillary Clinton. C’mon man!

Let’s be real! The visit by the president was all about appearing before a National audience in prime time to advance his candidacy, not for the size of the “floating” four EC delegates from New Hampshire.

Think of why we see 24 Democratic candidates, most of whom remain unknown to the average voter and with no realistic chance of being nominated, constantly campaigning in New Hampshire? Does one really believe they are not aware of the size of our EC votes? They’re here, all 24 of them, because they play a roll in the strategy to defeat President Trump by constantly obtaining free TV spots daily to try to diminish his administration. Why does the DNC not move to cull the group to a focus on someone who can be successful? Read above!


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