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Nashua is better than this

By George Hoyt - Marketing student at Rivier University (Class of 2021) | Aug 11, 2019

I find it highly offensive and rather unacceptable that the Nashua Public Library is hosting former Rep. Josh Moore’s group, The Patriot Initiative, in an event titled: “Restoring Family: Addressing The LGBT Agenda.”

Hosting an event called “Restoring Family: Addressing The LGBT Agenda” at the Nashua Public Library is contrary not only to the mission statement of the Nashua Public Library, but to the community it serves. Nashua is better than this. Bigots have no place in this city.

Josh Moore, a former state representative from Merrimack, is a highly controversial figure. He made national news a few years ago for suggesting that it is OK to sexually assault women if they show their breasts in public. Moore is a rabid homophobe, his past voting record and his Facebook posts tell it all.

I hope the Nashua Public Library reconsiders hosting this hateful event (on Aug. 14).

Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/367201933936184/


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