I am appalled after reading two articles this week that appeared in the paper. To say that I’m angry at the NRA and Gov, Chris Sununu is putting it mildly.

To read that the CEO of the NRA has a seven-figure salary, and feels that the NRA should buy him a $6 million mansion, among other things, is another form of big money controlling how we do things in this nation.

Then, that the governor has vetoed legislation requiring back-ground checks and a waiting period for gun purchases as well as schools being a gun-free zone. And, he claims that is because we have such a good safety record in New Hampshire.

There are two things here that seem incredulous to me. One is the hypocrisy in ignoring the part of the 2nd Amendment that states “in order to have a well-regulated militia,” which isn’t the case today, to have gun rights. We can ignore that in 2019 as the world is not as it was in the 1700s. But, we shouldn’t have commonsense laws that fit today’s world. Really? The commonsense laws are in the same vein as what we call “preventative medicine.” You don’t wait for something tragic to happen here before acting. I don’t think I can give the governor my vote when he runs for office again.