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The Mueller Report

By John Watkins - Hudson | Aug 4, 2019

As I watched Mr. (Robert) Mueller testify, I realized that he didn’t write the report, which is OK. Managers usually will have staff gather info and write reports. It’s done all the time. Especially when you have an unlimited budget and no deadlines.

But you and I and most managers will want to know what’s in a document before affixing your name to it. Even though he had plenty of time before his testimony to review the report, it is Sad to say that Mr. Mueller had no idea of what was in the report with his name on it. . Whether that is a result of a medical condition or the fact he just didn’t know., he just didn’t know.

Which leads me to ask Annie (Last Stand) Kuster. What EXACTLY, in Mr. Mueller’s testimony convinced you to support articles of impeachment ?

Or are you just grandstanding, again?


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