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Health care system in shambles

By Michael U. Bosowski - Hollis | Aug 4, 2019

I retired and bought the best health insurance you can buy in New Hampshire. They said the price was fixed until we reach Medicare age.

The company was bought out, our health insurance cost doubled. Not a 20% increase, it doubled when we were guaranteed, under Obamacare rules, no price increases, then we would be on medicare.

Further, we travel so we needed insurance that covered us in other states (not out of the country), our choices, one company. They went under, so now we are with a new company (still no choices, just this one) number two, who got bought out and doubled our “fixed rate”.

Want to know some more, remember this is the best interstate insurance you can buy. It covers no prescriptions at all, it covers no prosthetics and has a $5,000 deductible. No office visits are covered either and the cost of those visits, prescriptions and prosthetics DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE DEDUCTIBLE.

So, we are not broke, we can deal with this, but for most people this is like being uninsured.

How can you say this is insurance coverage. Your article implies that 90% are now covered. Really, if you don’t have the money to pay all these costs why would you care if you owe $10K (say the $5,000 deductible plus all the other deductibles) or $100,000 (like when your uninsured and something happens) your going into bankruptcy either way. This is hospital insurance, they get most of their money and the patient is in the same boat as if they had NO INSURANCE, i.e. bankruptcy court.

I tell you what, I’ll cover 100% of the U.S. population with health insurance. The cost, $1 per year, that’s right, $1 per year. What do we cover, nothing but a package of Band-Aids costing under 50 cents. Call it “mickcare.” With mickcare, 100% of the population will be covered. Those who can’t afford the $1, the government will cover the cost for anyone making under $25,000 per year.

There you go, “mickcare”, 100% coverage. Now, fix those deductibles!


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