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Put food on the table

By Joseph Mendola - Bedford | Jul 28, 2019

In the Democratic Presidential Debate Sen. Harris gave a statement that” people want to know how we are going to put food on the table.” People want to hear the facts because the facts lead to truth. What Senator Harris will not tell you is the fact that African Americas enjoy the lowest unemployment rate in the last 50 years. Other facts are that Latino unemployment is also the lowest since these figures were calculated. And more women working today than ever before.

I agree that there are still some people who are concerned about putting food on the table but there are more people with jobs putting food on the table without the help of the government. Under the Obama-Biden Administration, my church food pantry was busy giving out as much food as it could get. Today, our pantry at church has hardly anyone coming to get food for their table.

Senator Harris was the recipient of an investor donor reception where a billionaire private equity CEO hosted the reception. When you accept a billionaire’s donation, you have to be influenced by them.


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