Not representative

Much has been made lately of the four freshman Reps to Congress know as the squad. The four Reps Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and the always quotable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are stealing all the oxygen from the Democratic party. For better or worse these four freshman Reps are becoming the face of the Democratic Party. I didn’t agree with Trumps tweet suggesting they go back to their own country. He continues to give his opponents a stick with which to wack him over the head. But there is a bigger issue here that isn’t being reported.

The views of the squad do not represent the majority views of the average American citizen. Notice I used the word majority. Maybe their views play well with people in this country illegally, but not the hard-working middle-class citizens who are being asked to pick up the tab. Americans don’t support eliminating private health insurance for 150 million citizens in exchange for Medicare for all. Americans don’t support open borders, eliminating ICE, defunding homeland security and free health care for migrants who are here illegally. Americans also don’t support the extreme measures in the Green New Deal. And again, I’m talking about the majority of American citizens here.

So how does this play out in the general election? Right now, the election is Trumps to lose. And he is capable of losing it. If the Democrats can’t get the media focus off of the squad, as Nancy Pelosi seems to understand, then Trump looks pretty moderate and should win re-election. And he may deserve to win a second term. If we continue to see the squad front and center for the next 15 months the Democrats may lose Congress as well. And the Russians will have had nothing to do with the Democratic Party’s extreme drift to the left.