The first step

The recent lawsuit concerning PFAS compounds that New Hampshire brought against selfish, for-profit chemical firms is fantastic and something that deserves the support of all New Hampshire residents. Governor Sununu is taking unprecedented actions and citizens across New Hampshire are grateful for the steps he is taking to ensure that our drinking water is safe.

The PFAS contamination across the state is entirely unfair and unjust as innocent Granite Staters’ lives have been irreversibly changed by cooperate disregard. With the actions that Governor Sununu is taking to set safe standards for New Hampshire drinking water, I hope that residents of our state will never have to unknowingly drink harmful toxins again. The duplicitous corporations that our State is filing a lawsuit against have knowingly included these toxic chemicals in their products despite their knowledge of their impacts on human health. It is time that these companies own up to their mistakes and are held accountable for taking advantage of the New Hampshire taxpayer.

Gov. Chris Sununu’s lawsuit is just the first step on the road to recovery and I hope that the money that this lawsuit gains is used properly to help the New Hampshire families whose lives have been permanently impacted by PFAS contamination. I trust that Governor Sununu will continue to seek to protect and serve the people of New Hampshire and speak for a majority of New Hampshire’s residents in wishing him the best as this lawsuit moves forward.