Thank you, Telegraph

Annapolis, Maryland, a city less than half the size of Nashua, just noted last week’s anniversary of the massacre of five reporters. They were doing their jobs, serving their readers, and connecting their communities, in the presumed safety of a closed newsroom, when the gunman entered.

We live in a dangerous time for many – people of color, schoolchildren, the transgendered, and many more – but the murderous vitriol with which those in power deride hard-working journalists is the most direct. “Enemy of the people,” they shout or Tweet. They cozy up to foreign dictators, known assassins of media members.

Here in New Hampshire, we remember Jim Foley, murdered in Syria for doing his job, doing it for the greater good, and doing it well. He was no “enemy.”

So, thank you, staff of The Telegraph, especially but not limited to the reporters. And to the staffs at the Union Leader, the Monitor, the Ledger-Transcript, the Sun, Foster’s, the Sentinel, and so on. We’re in this together.