Don’t blame immigrants

Because the Pew Research Center reported that there was a drop of unauthorized immigrants into this country from 12.2 million to 10.5 million between 2007-17, it certainly does not mean that their reporting of an increase of about 60,000 immigrants into Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the same period of time was in error, as you suggest. Immigrants were still coming in and that fewer were reported as coming into the country as a whole does not mean that Massachusetts and New Hampshire couldn’t have had an increase in numbers.

We don’t blame the immigrants, as anyone would want a better life if they could find it somewhere – and that somewhere seems to be the United States. And we don’t blame Washington, because we have come to accept (but not like) that most, not all, politicians are more interested in their political survival rather than solving a problem using common sense, which is a commodity in very short supply.

America is a wonderful country in which to live despite its flaws, and the immigrants seem to know this, but many of our citizens, particularly many of our younger citizens, do not. It is not their fault that their elders failed to insist they learn about our system of government and the others in the world so they have at least a clue as to what to believe and support, and why, or why not.

I wonder on what basis you draw the conclusion that the immigrants (non-European) “are often working harder than many Americans of European descent?” You could never prove that to be true, and, in fact, I doubt you even believed it, but were just trying to find a way to demonize anyone who is of European descent, which is considered sport in our country today.

A dangerous sport to be sure, for it does nothing but further divide us. A sharply divided country is sure to fail, and after that occurs, only then will it be realized all that was lost.