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Pick is problematic for N.H.

By Bette Lasky - Former N.H. State Senator District 13, Nashua | Jun 23, 2019

Gov. Chris Sununu’s pick for New Hampshire’s high court, Gordon MacDonald, is a highly problematic and controversial choice that calls into question the Governor’s extreme positions.

MacDonald has a history of involving himself with strident anti-choice policymaking that’s dangerous for women – especially at a moment when states across the country are passing extremist abortion bans. That Sununu chose MacDonald as his pick raises serious questions about his own position on abortion.

MacDonald also has no judicial experience. Yes, you read that right. So why would he be Sununu’s nominee for N.H.’s High Court? Simply put, it’s a purely political decision and not a sound one. Sununu is known to give out political favors – and surely expects the favors returned. Our judicial system should always operate outside of politics and never be accused of being caught up in in it.

This week our Executive Councilors will get to choose if this inexperienced anti-choice activist chosen by Sununu deserves to lead New Hampshire’s judiciary. I would vote an unequivocal no, and I urge the Council to do the same.


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