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Doublespeak is alive and well

By Joseph Ross | Jun 9, 2019

1984 is here again. In a front-page story during the last week (June 4), The Telegraph quoted a spokesperson for the Environmental Protection Agency who said, “[there is no] significant public health risk…” from the hazardous waste dumped into the ground in the southern end of Nashua. In the same sentence, spokeswoman Kelsey Dumville said, “… residents should not drink the groundwater.”

Here I was always under the belief that the EPA was supposed to act in the best interest of citizens. We are told that PFAs are four times above acceptable limits and exposure can affect health, including Low infant birth weights, immune system problems or cancer. Don’t worry, there’s no risk, but don’t drink the water.

Our legislators obviously don’t care enough to be up-in-arms. I would think that appropriate legislation would include forcing the offending company(ies) to pay for the cleanup, pay for bottled water, and pay for any other costs associated with drinking the water. If a company is out of business, personally hold those accountable who knew or should have known that profits, higher salaries and bonuses are more important than the health and safety of our residents.

If we are told we should not drink the water, don’t tell us at the same time that there is nothing to worry about.

George Orwell would be taking bows for his foresight.


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