Accept the results

Which is worse, (1) a foreign power covertly meddling in our general election to affect its outcome or (2) a domestic power covertly meddling to affect our general election and if unsuccessful to pursue other means to remove the democratically elected official from office?

I believe a foreign power systematically interfering with any of our elections hoping to sway their outcomes is a serious act of hostility. The effects to our democracy are terrorizing especially having anyone hampering our vote. Every American should be very alarmed and outraged.

But to discover that a few Americans in high-level law enforcement, intelligence, and maybe executive positions collectively may have plotted to blame the opposition candidate with collusion with a foreign power so the results of the election would be invalidated is just as grave. Allegedly, these Americans insidiously used their appointed power and armed with specialized federal government resources covertly collected evidence some of which they planted to tarnish the opposition candidate and to convince everyone that the election was illegitimate just to sanction his official removal from office. Alone, this scheme by unfettered powerful federal government officials is ominous, but what makes it omnipotent is to have the assistance of a media to advance the conspiracy through partnered, partisan reporting. Just let that sink in.

I believe that (2) is worse than (1) for the following reasons. I concur that (1) hurts our democracy, but as resolute as Americans have proven, we will unite against foreign powers trying to neutralize any of our inalienable rights, and we will recover in time. But (2) hurts our democracy at its foundation. Remember the adage that somewhat says, “destruction of our democracy will come from within”. Recovering from (2) will depend on how those Americans who were duped or sided with the wrongdoing Americans and their abettors respond. The first step toward recovery is for them to completely overcome their singular hatred of Trump.

Neither (1) or (2) should be tolerated and the perpetrators of both should be punished. We should be ready to penalize foreign powers politically first and if that doesn’t succeed, then we should be ready to use any of our national resources to include using force. And for any American found guilty of wrongfully attempting to change our regime, we should address their punishment in accordance with our constitution for anti-American offenses.

For the remaining Americans who took the side that Trump colluded, some of the media, and those who stood by doing nothing, there’s no better time than now to start accepting the results of numerous penetrating investigations conducted by well-qualified assessors which couldn’t prove Trump had acted illegally. By our justice system, that makes him innocent. To paraphrase professor, author Victor Hanson who likened the way some voters measured Trump vs. Hillary as to “…chemotherapy, which after all is toxic in itself, is used to combat something far worse than itself”. The cure will come only by taking the right medicine for the benefit of our constitutional republic.