We are getting job done

As a current member of Nashua’s Board of Education, I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Farrington’s guest editorial entitled, “It’s time for the board of education members to put differences aside and get the job done.” Despite Mr. Farrington’s criticisms, we are getting the job done on Nashua’s Board of Education. What he fails to mention is that our school district suffered too many years of under-funding before I joined the board, which resulted in instability in the district. Some employees in our district did not know if they would have a job from year to year. We can hardly expect good results under these conditions. That was no way to run a public school system.

There are two current members of our BOE who cause the bulk of the contention on our board. They cause contention mostly because their ideology is not supportive of public schools. In 2018, these two members quit their committee assignments because they were unhappy with them, requiring extra duty of the remaining seven board members, yet the remaining board members did their jobs without complaint.

Mr. Farrington might not be aware, but I do understand that every issue does not need a unanimous vote. I understand the democratic process. I also understand that former board members visiting our superintendent’s office for whatever reason has the potential to undermine my role as a newly elected representative of the people of the City of Nashua on the Board of Education. I have just over two years left in my term and I fully expect to represent the people’s interest on the board to the best of my God given abilities, and I am thankful that Nashua has a mayor and a Board of Aldermen committed to properly funding our school district for the near future. The Nashua Public School District belongs to all of the people of the City of Nashua. When the time comes that the people of the City of Nashua decide that I am no longer to be on the board, I for one will respect the people’s wishes and the authority of new board members to represent the people. I will certainly not sue the taxpayers. There seems to be too many people in this city of late, who are all too willing to sue the city for whatever reason, and we seem to be devolving into a contentious, litigious society.