Licenses for people here illegally

Has the lefts agenda dawned on you yet?

First, they want to cripple law enforcement, not allow the state and local police to work with the feds regarding illegal immigration.

Then they want to abolish ICE.

They have pretty much lost the voter id argument, so now the latest ploy, let’s give illegals drivers licenses. Next up, since they now have valid ID, is voting in local elections.

Is this what you want?

Is there anyway to determine if a voter is illegally here once they have a legitimate ID?

What doesn’t the left doesn’t understand?

Not enforcing the immigration laws doesn’t help the illegals, they get exploited all the way.

Isn’t the left for a higher minimum wage?

Illegals don’t even get minimum wage.

What about the immigrants who are following the laws and waiting their turn? They get to keep waiting, while the illegals move to the front?

Instead, the left wants us to turn a blind eye, let the illegals stay, dont arrest them for being here illegally, give them IDs, licenses, welfare, healthcare and education, all paid for by the honest law abiding citizens and LEGAL immigrants.

Not to mention how the legal businesses get screwed over because if you pay legal wages and taxes and insurance you cant compete against the employers using illegals and not even paying minimum wage, let alone taxes and insurance.

The illegals are taxing our welfare, recent studies showed over 70 percent of illegals will end up receiving some form of welfare.

We keep hearing how we need more money for ESL teachers (that’s English as a second language) for those that don’t know.

In other words, illegals, many who have had little schooling and certainty not up to our standards. So the taxpayer again is asked to foot the bill for 70 some odd teachers because they are overwhelmed. And the teachers have to spend their time trying to get them up to speed, while the rest of the class gets zip.

Illegals don’t pay taxes, cant legally work, cant be insured, cant enter into a legal contract. The list goes on and on.

So if the idea is to help these people then shouldn’t they be working to improve the immigration laws? Instead of breaking them.

Why not make it easier to get a work Visa and why not tie it into unemployment, that way when we’re in need of workers (i.e. unemployment is low), more work Visa allowed, and when unemployment is high ,less work visas.

Or is the idea , to continue to exploit these people? Get your house cleaned cheap, get your landscaping done cheap. What happened to the lefts push for higher minimum wage. Does that only apply to Americans? Is it morally right to exploit illegals for cheap labor and more votes?