Support the N.H. advantage

New Hampshire Democrats, led by State Sen. Dan Feltes, are putting our state on the pathway to an income tax. They are pursuing an income tax by tucking it inside proposed paid family medical leave legislation, called Senate Bill 1. Put simply, their plan is an 0.5% income tax.

Democrats have couched it as a “payroll deduction”, but that purposely misstates its effect. It’s not like any other payroll deduction we might have for insurance products through our employer, because it is a state mandate – not an employer-based offering. If passed, no Granite Stater will escape paying for a family leave program.

One person testifying brought to light one point that may be glazed over: Senate Bill 1 is a pathway to a larger, more damaging income tax.

Once the barrier is broken and we have one income tax, there isn’t much stopping the Democrat majorities in the legislature from trying to implement another and bigger income tax to pay for the myriad programs and larger government they are determined to force upon unwitting taxpayers. That is not the New Hampshire way.

Let’s preserve the New Hampshire advantage. Contact your legislators and tell them you don’t want Senate Bill 1 or any other income tax, that would stand between you and your hard-earned wages. Tell them to support Gov. Sununu’s alternative plan paid family medical leave program that is voluntary and does not need any new taxes.