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Why N.H. needs the SMART Act

By Jordan Thompson - Nashua | Mar 17, 2019

The American public’s trust in our electoral systems and processes has always been what’s made our nation strong. For many years, we’ve believed that the outcomes of our elections has made America an example of democracy for other countries. However, with Americans’ faith in political institutions declining, I think it’s time for us to take a step forward and update them. That change starts with New Hampshire.

This Thursday, the New Hampshire State Senate will vote on Senator Melanie Levesque’s Secure Modern Accurate Registration Technology (S.M.A.R.T) Act.

SB7 will make our electoral process more secure and bring New Hampshire into the 21st century by modernizing the way we can register to vote.

The SMART Act will allow eligible Granite Staters to register to vote when they interact with a government agency like the DMV. SB7 will ensure the security of our voter registration system by facilitating registration through government agencies; decreasing the costs and burden on election day workers doing same-day registration. It will also increase accessibility to the polls for more New Hampshire residents.

I believe that our democracy works best when everyone has an opportunity to participate. The SMART Act will go a long way in expanding voting rights and restoring the confidence of our electorate. I hope the NH Senate agrees and passes the SMART Act this Thursday.


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