Sending the wrong message

On Jan. 31, the New Hampshire House will meet in the State House’s Representatives Hall to debate and vote on the first bills of this biennium. Debate is known to become heated with emotions running high. In fact, after one state representative threatened to shoot the speaker during one debate, the House passed a rule to ban guns from Representatives Hall.

This rule, which was in effect from 1971-2011 and again in 2013-2014, and was passed again a few weeks ago by a clear majority of state representatives and in compliance with House rule-making procedure. Despite this, one of Merrimack’s state reps, Jeanine Notter, has publicly stated that she refuses to comply with the rule, despite the fact that she can continue to carry her gun into the State House and into every other room, hallway, office, cafeteria, gift shop, etc. in our Capitol building.

Of course, she’s not taking this to court, where responsible Americans seek redress, because she knows it is constitutional and well within the rights of the New Hampshire House.

What message does this send to our children? That if you don’t agree with a rule, it is OK to disobey it?