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Tyranny starts with disarming citizens

By Rep. Jeanine Notter - Deputy Floor Leader, Merrimack | Jan 6, 2019

The State Legislature had its first Session on Wednesday. The Democrats first order of business was to disarm state representatives.

I campaigned as a defender of the Second Amendment in every election and am grateful to the voters who elected me. My voting record shows that I have always voted pro-second amendment. Wednesday was no exception.

Merrimack has had Republican representation for several years, until this past election when the eight seats for our town were split down the middle, re-electing four incumbent Republicans and four freshman Democrats.

The votes on Jan. 2nd show a party split on each one of the gun bills that we debated. The Republicans voted to defend our right to carry a firearm, as has been the practice when Republicans have the majority. The Democrats voted to strip us of the right, leaving us defenseless.

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, “gun free zones” have been the target of over 98 percent of all mass shootings. The number is staggering.

When a criminal sees, “No guns allowed,” I find it asinine and illogical to think that the said criminal will go away because someone put a sign there. Malcontents seek out “gun free zones” because they know there will be no one to shoot back.

I know from history that tyranny starts with disarming citizens.

If the NH House Democrats could do this to their duly elected colleagues, then the average citizen has much to fear.


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