Ayotte is saving Social Security

Sometimes, it takes a personal touch to get things done. When it comes to Social Security, it’s important for politicians to see how much regular people rely on this program – and how much they have put into it over their lifetimes. U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte knows how important Social Security is for New Hampshire seniors because her grandparents relied on it – and that’s why I know she’ll work hard to make sure it sticks around for all of us.

My husband and I have been recipients of Social Security, and I appreciate all that Kelly has done to ensure that we will be able to continue getting our benefits for the rest of our retirement years.

Without change, Social Security is headed for bankruptcy. Kelly has been very clear that she opposes change for those benefiting from Social Security now or are close to retirement, and she knows that we’ve got to make some reforms so it’s around for people in the future.

Kelly is always looking ahead and thinking of the bigger picture. She is working to help as many people as possible, which I really appreciate. Way to go, Kelly!

Linda Twombly