Why Democrats back Planned Parenthood

In a recent newspaper commentary, Rep. Annie Kuster tries to defend federal funding for Planned Parenthood, claiming that those of us who don’t want our tax dollars to go toward that organization are extremists. She lists the services that are provided by Planned Parenthood, making it sound as if women would be without reproductive services if it were not for Planned Parenthood. But she fails to mention the 13,540 clinics across the nation that provide comprehensive health care for millions of uninsured, working poor and jobless women.

Planned Parenthood would not cease to exist without federal funding. They are quite capable of running without federal money, but then they wouldn’t have as much money to give to Democrat politicians.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics report as filed in 2014 with the Federal Election Commission, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s total PAC contributions to U.S. House members were: Democrats: $404,907 (Rep. Kuster received $7,500); Republicans: $2,823 (One Rep. in N.Y.).

Total contributions to senators were: Democrats: $181,188 (Sen. Shaheen received $8,899); Republicans: $0

Is it any wonder why Kuster, Shaheen and other Democrats want our tax dollars to go to Planned Parenthood?

Denise Crompton