Story overlooked the obvious answer

The Telegraph article, "Exces­sive or good business" (Aug. 9) overlooked the most obvious and straightforward explanation for the robust mayoral campaign being waged by Chris Williams. It simply reflects the importance that Chris attaches to his desire to lead Nashua forward. I view this as commendable, not excessive. And I suggest the strong support his campaign has received from many of the most respected lead­ers of this community makes it clear that others also recognize the importance of his campaign to the future of our city.

I am a 30-year Nashua resident and business consultant and have worked closely with Chris and the Greater Nashua Chamber on many occasions. I can say with confidence that Chris has exceptional skills and leadership qualities to bring to the challenge of leading Nashua.

Chris has a deep and genuine commitment to this city, and will bring the full bore of his talents and energy to make this the best place to live in New Hampshire. He has the ability to reach out to the full range of Nashua and state constituencies to foster impactful, collaborative initiatives. And yes, he does, in fact, actively promote the innovative thinking and quest for best practices that will make Nashua a leading example of growth and prosperity. Now, more than ever, Nashua needs a coura­geous leader, not a caretaker.

Rodney J. Conard