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Vets earned the right to be left alone by state

By Staff | Nov 23, 2013

Regarding your Nov. story about LSR 2630, which would, if it becomes law, ban smoking in private clubs:

Rep. Don LeBrun’s statement that “I know many that will not attend private clubs because of second-hand smoke,” is absurd. Most folks cannot just “attend” private clubs – hence the term “private.” People choose to belong to a private club and, if it doesn’t meet their needs, they don’t join. If they do join, they pay their membership dues each year.

His statement about building a “smoking room” as only a few studs, sheet rock and a door is ridiculous. What about ventilation and sprinkler systems, heat, fire proofing, as well as the space to locate it? It’s certainly not an inexpensive project.

The American Legion Hudson Post 48 has a very dedicated group of members who have fought for our country in many wars. Our soldiers were given cigarettes as part of their rations for many of those conflicts, where they risked their lives for our freedom. Our vets fought their “butts” off for the U.S., so why not leave them alone and let them enjoy a beer and a smoke with their comrades in their own club?

I ask the Legislature to please spend your time on more important issues and leave the vets and other private clubs alone. The vets have done their job, please do yours. We, as citizens and veterans, have the right to choose.

Brian “Cowboy” O’Toole



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