May we please have more laws like ACA?

It seems there’s a lot of blather out there about the Obamacare Exchange website, galloping socialism, wholesale bankrupting of Americans who buy their own health insurance and the end of civilization as we know it. Oh, and the actual inconvenience or higher cost that some of us will probably have in replacing our health insurance.

So who will be replacing their existing policy? Well, it’s only a small fraction of the country. But it’s me, for one. So I checked out what I could get under my old plan vs. a new one provided through the exchange.

I found a new exchange plan provided by Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield), just like my old one, and all of my doctors and medications were covered in both plans.

But the exchange policy would cost me about $150 a month less than my current one, and would lower my deductible by $500 a year, to boot.

Same health services, lower premiums, and lower deductibles. I predict that the blather will get more hysterical once this becomes widely recognized.

May we please have more legislation like this?

Joel MacAuslan