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Ayotte, Patriot Act should be replaced

By Staff | Nov 16, 2013

I recently received constituent email from Sen. Kelly Ayotte stating that she has sponsored legislation to “overhaul the nation’s security clearance system” in response to “security leaks from contractor Edward Snowden and the tragedy at the Washington Navy Yard.” This legislation would “implement an automated review of public records and databases for any information that might affect the security clearance status of individuals”.

First of all, Snowden (and Manning) should be considered heroes for exposing the breadth of spying perpetrated on U.S. citizens and peaceful citizens abroad. Our country has been pushed by oil companies and defense contractors into a permanent state of war that enables appalling and un-American practices like spying, torture, and drone killings to be hidden from scrutiny, under the banner of security.

Secondly, Ayotte is proposing even more spying on U.S. citizens. The NSA is already capturing email. Will they now scan social networking accounts? The (Orwellian) Office of Homeland Security makes us “more secure” by taking away our privacy rights.

In the meantime, Ayotte appeases her masters in the National Rifle Association by skirting the issue of gun control. She constantly criticizes the ACA, which would improve treatment for mental health issues. She has lobbied for more and more military spending, while Republicans cut education budgets, job programs and social spending to the bone.

It’s time to repeal the so-called Patriot Act, close the Department of Homeland Security and replace Ayotte with someone who helps citizens instead of shoveling money to big corporations.

Mike Kaelin



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