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Shaheen doesn’t deserve our votes

By Staff | Nov 12, 2013

It was not too long ago we saw a beaming Sen. Jeanne Shaheen casting the deciding vote that gave us Obamacare. She looked so proud, so happy and thrilled with herself for what she had done. I can still see her in the Senate chamber, beaming. Maybe she was smiling because she knew she would not be subject to Obamacare herself.

Fast-forward to two weeks ago. There is our Sen. Shaheen, running to the White House to vent. Oh, not to vent that we have all been misled; instead, her motivation is that she is up for re-election and voters in New Hampshire may actually remember how she sealed our fate with her vote. “Oh, please Mr. President, you have to do something!”

Yes, Senator, many of us are paying attention and, no, we do not want to send you back to Washington to do more damage.

We have a lot of “Obama Girls” in the Granite State: Annie Kuster, Carol Shea-Porter along with Jeanne Shaheen. Hopefully, if enough of us are paying attention, none of you will be going back. You don’t deserve our vote.

It’s time to stand up and be counted.

Alice Bury



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