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Supports president’s climate plan

By Staff | Nov 5, 2013

I support President Barack Obama’s climate action plan. In his second inaugural address, he stated: “If Congress won’t act on climate (change), I will.” We must support and implement his plan before the severe impact of climate change is irreversible. The EPA has proposed carbon pollution standards for new and existing power plants across the country and according to the Supreme Court, it has the authority under the Clean Air Act to do so. Setting standards to reduce industrial carbon pollution is good for New Hampshire and must be a national priority for the health and safety of future generations. Just as the EPA protects our health from arsenic, mercury, and lead, the EPA must protect us from carbon pollution.

The costs of inaction are already apparent: more destructive and deadly extreme weather; rising global temperatures; skyrocketing costs for disaster recovery. The costs of inaction are great; industrial carbon pollution was just measured at the highest levels in human history. The era of congressional delay and denial must end. I urge Sens. Shaheen and Ayotte to support strict carbon standards for coal plants.

Barbara Beierl



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